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Children’s Book Author Davin Whitehurst Talks Book Publishing

Today’s guest is Davin Whitehurst, author of the children’s book, I Have Faith. Davin lives in the beautiful high desert of Southern Arizona with his wife and son. He is releasing his first book “I have Faith” in May of 2016 but has so many more that are in the making. The motivation behind the books [...]

A fairytale emerges from the golden age of Hollywood: Letitia Fairbanks & Princess April Morning-Glory on Blog Tour

What kind of a world would you create, if you had to do three good deeds to make it home again? The answer to that crucial question, as given by the title character in Letitia Fairbanks’s charming fairy tale, PRINCESS APRIL MORNING-GLORY, tells a unique and captivating story. Although she lives [...]

Pump Up Your Book announces Childrens Picture Book Author Mayra Calvani’s ‘Frederico the Mouse Violinist Virtual Book Tour 2011′


Join Mayra Calvani, author of the children’s picture book, Frederico, the Mouse Violinist (Guardian Angel Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere on June 6 – 17 2011 on her third virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!
About Mayra Calvani
Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults.  Her nonfiction work, The Slippery [...]

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