Making Lemonade with Ben: The Audacity to Cope by Katherine Perreth Book Feature – Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

Making Lemonade with BenWith deftly wielded humor and heart-wrenching candor, Katherine Perreth vividly recounts the myriad physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repercussions stemming from her son’s massive brain hemorrhage. Seven-year-old Ben suffers numerous disabilities and, later, mental health challenges. Yet, love wins.

Making Lemonade With Ben is a compelling Cinderella story tracing sixteen years of Ben’s life. It begins with the night a University of Wisconsin Hospital neurosurgeon saved Ben, and follows Ben through young adulthood. Although he encounters years of substantial obstacles, in 2011 his never-say-die cheery attitude and uber-outgoing ways ultimately carry him to Washington D.C. There he represents the Madison Children’s Museum, his employer, at a national award ceremony. Wearing his ankle-foot-orthosis with a smiley face on the back, Ben juggles one-handed everywhere he goes, accomplishing his life goal: “Make humanity smile.”

Universal themes of perseverance and compassion encourage readers to contemplate contemporary issues: mental illness treatment, recovery and stigma, the role of intentional employers in the lives of those with disabilities, and the success that can occur when a community values all of her citizens.

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Katherine holds UW-Madison Social Work and Sociology degrees, is a reporter for her hometown newspaper, the Middleton Times Tribune, and conducts a class on reminiscence writing. In addition, in her role as administrative staff with WESLI (an ESL school on Madison’s capitol square), she deals in chalk. And paper. Oodles of paper. She recently took an EmptyNester Victory Tour with her husband of 28 years, but hasn’t yet changed the locks on their home. Their three kids can still get in.

Her latest books is Making Lemonade with Ben: The Audacity to Cope

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Authors Secret Weapon: Street Teams

#MFRWorg Authors Secret Weapon: Street Teams (via MFRW Marketing)

Author Street Teams. Likely, you’ve heard this term before. They’re popping up all over the place as authors take advantage of their most valuable resource – their readers. Readers -especially bloggers/ reviewers- are vital to a book’s success because…

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Interview with Dr. C, author of Shopping for a Lighter Cross


9781475996821_COVER_FQA.inddTitle: Shopping for a Lighter Cross
Genre: Biography
Author: Dr. C
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 64
Language: English
ISBN – 978-1-47599-682-1

Everyone has life’s challenges and can face them with fear or with trust. I choose to look at them as experiences where God blessed me with His curve balls thrown in. These curve balls are not the negative, painful or abusive life experiences that I have lived through, but rather the unexpected, blessings, gifts, and graces God threw in to help me through the experiences. I believe that these curve balls were given so that I can witness to His great and awesome presence in and through the experiences, the people in those experiences and in myself as living through and surviving the experiences as a better, not bitter human being.

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What was the hardest part about writing your book?

Recalling the negative and painful experiences that I lived through and grieving the loss of my parents and our relationship because of the experiences.

Do you have a favorite excerpt from the book? If so, can you share it?

“As a victim, I stand firm in a few things: I will never be defeated or be a quitter. I will never allow anyone to gain control of my heart, body, mind, or spirit again. I will always strive to see God in all people because I know that we are all created in His image—no matter what choices we make. I have been blessed with so much. I will always remember to say thank you to God.

If this book helps or inspires at least one other person to become whole, healed, and healthy again, it will be a success. God has called me to share my story; may he bless those who read it to see His hand in the writing.” Final chapter, last paragraph

What do you hope readers will take away after reading the book?

A greater sense of being loved, and cared for by God and others. A sense of belief that they are not alone no matter how bad things are. That they are stronger than they believe and that they will continue to get through whatever comes their way, they have to believe. That healing and wholeness is theirs, it isn’t easy, but it is what is best for them and once they experience it, they will see that their pain was not in vain. That the author loves her faith and truly has experienced the presence, love and mercy of God through the horror experienced in her childhood and the healing that she has experienced in her adulthood. She wants to spread that good news so that someone else can share in that joyful experience.

Who or what is the inspiration for the book?

Father John, my husband and friends were my inspiration. It was my sense of wholeness and healing that I wanted to share with others who are suffering.

Have you had a mentor? If so, can you talk about them a little?

I did not have a mentor with regards to writing. My life- long Father figure has been Father John and he has always encouraged me, guided me and supported me in all of my endeavors.

I have heard it said in order to be a good writer, you have to be a reader as well? Do you find this to be true? And if you are a reader, do you have a favorite genre and/or author?

I agree. My favorite genres are devotional, faith based, history, and humor.

Henri Nouwen, Anthony DeMello and Erma Bombeck.


The author lives in Aston, Pennsylvania with her husband John, their golden retriever Clover and their two cats: Duchess and Graygray. Dr. C is a Pastoral Associate/Spiritual Director for a Catholic parish in Delaware County and John works for the Federal Government. Dr. C graduated with her Doctorate in Ministry degree in May 2013.

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Author Promo Basics: Using Twitter #authortips #MFRWorg

Author Promo Basics: Using Twitter #authortips #MFRWorg (via MFRW Marketing)

An Avatar Can Establish Brand   This post is part of a series of basic promotional tip sheets for authors. Today’s topic is using Twitter. Why join Twitter? The site can increase awareness of your author brand, and help you sell books. It’s also a…

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Story and Setting by T c Tombs, author of Run with the Wolves



Run wit the WolvesIt is the fifteenth century, and three kingdoms are caught up in the dire conflicts of their time. As the possibility of a peaceful resolution provides hope that a decade-long war will finally end, no one realizes that dark forces are waiting to invoke chaos as a full moon rises.

On a farm nestled beneath the Euralene Mountains along the western border of Medinia, young Willie works for the Smythes as a serf. One moonlit evening when the Smythes are gone to a neighbouring village, Willie hears the terrified cries of animals in the pastures. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that this wolf pack attack is like no other. Badly injured during the raid, he survives—but now he is afflicted by the full-moon madness that will soon transform him into one of the wolf creatures he dreads. With his life seemingly warped forever, Willie must face the prospect of a lifelong descent into horror.

In a time of witchcraft, superstitious folk lore, and fearsome creatures roaming the night, Willie struggles with an uncertain destiny and must seek help from the one man he holds most responsible for the dark fate that awaits him during the next full moon cycle.

“Beware of the full moon. This one is for all of the werewolf lovers!”

—Top Book Reviewers

A well-written and addictive first novel.

—Blue Ink Review

A well-developed, tightly plotted fantasy; readers will want installments two and three.

—Kirkus Reviews

Purchase your copy:


Story and Setting

In writing the “Run with the Wolves” saga I initially had a concept for a story about a number of different people who suffered from afflictions that were not of their choosing – and how differently those various people chose to deal with what fate had cruelly bestowed upon them. I had in mind a ‘Vampire-like’ character; a ‘Pack’ of both wolves and wolf-like humans who suffered from a lunar-sickness; and finally, a group of people who were rejected by society due to physical abnormalities or forced into hiding due to religious persecution.

To make these characters come to life, it quickly became apparent to me that the setting was going to be every bit as important as the story itself.

I did a lot of research – and a lot of soul searching too, I suppose. The more I learned, the more I was drawn to the life and times of the 15th century in Medieval Europe, and in particular, to the year 1461. This was century of great discovery and learning. It was also a time of terrible repression and great cruelty.

The 15th century saw the birth of great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Copernicus. The famous explorers Bartolomeu Dias, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, and Vasco da Gamo opened up the world to new trade routes and lands not previously known to Europe. It was a century that saw the Johannes Gutenberg printed bible and the founding of universities in places such as Barcelona.

The 15th century saw the birth of Joan of Arc in 1412, saw her lead the French forces against the English in 1428, and watched as she was burned at the stake in1431. It saw the execution of the Czech religious reformer Jan Hus. It was the time of the War of the Roses, the Plagues that swept across Europe, the on-going conflict between the three pillars of society – the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. It was a century that saw the expulsion of Jews from Portugal and Spain – and of course, the ‘Inquisition’ under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

And, it was the century that saw the advent of firearms and the change that development brought to warfare. If all that wasn’t enough, it was the time of Vlad the Impaler – the man said to have been the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s story ‘Dracula’. What better setting for my fantasy epic to take place in than this time period!

I hope you will check out my trilogy ‘Run with the Wolves’. Pick up a copy of Volume One ‘The Pack’ and see for yourself how history and fiction can be mixed to deliver a spell-binding tale that will keep you riveted and entertained.

Please visit my website for retail sites, full reviews, storyboards, and special events.

All the best T c Tombs


T c TOMBS earned degrees from Trent University and Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. Like many Canadians, he loves hockey and golf, and he has a passion for medieval history, folk lore, literature, film, and music. Terry and his wife, Sandra, live in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, where they have raised five daughters.

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Ghost of the Gods by Kevin Bohacz

Ghost of the Gods 7
Title: Ghost of the Gods
Genre: Techno-Thriller
Author: Kevin Bohacz
Publisher: Mazel & Sechel
Pages: 437
Format: Paperback/Kindle
Purchase at AMAZON

About the Book

Was it the accumulated wounds to the environment that had finally triggered the nanotech plague or was it simply one more step in a shrewdly crafted plan to replace us with humans 2.0? As I write this at least one pair of these transhumans breathe the same air as us, and there are likely many more. They may look like us, they may even be almost human, but they are also cybernetic and will live for an extraordinary length of time. Trust me, their goals are not the same as ours. It was not a natural plague that almost drove humankind to extinction but an attack from within, turning our own biology against us. Scientists discovered all too late an artificial entity, a sentient machine foolishly created in the image of god, had been studying us and genetically altering us for longer than we can imagine. Perhaps it is because of this god-machine that we evolved into creatures who can think and speak and know our own mortality? This silicon god is so different from us that we may never truly understand it, but what we do know is that it is terrifyingly intelligent and it hates us. What we do know is that it tried to eradicate us from the face of our planet and then stopped for no discernible reason. What we do know is that its work is not done.

About the Author

Kevin BohaczI am Kevin Bohacz the bestselling novelist of Immortality and a lucid dreamer… Welcome to my dreams. I am also a writer for national computer magazines, founder and president of two high technology corporations, a scientist and engineer for over 35 years, and the inventor of an advanced electric car system – the ESE Engine System (circa 1978). I was also a short order cook for I-Hop, flipped burgers at McDonalds, and delivered Chicken Delight. All of those careers and more are behind me now that I am a full time storyteller, a catcher of dreams. Thank you for reading my stories and making this all possible.

His latest books are Immortality and Ghost of the Gods.

Visit Kevin’s website at

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Directory of Federal Prisons by Christopher Zoukis & Dr. Randall Radic

Directory of Federal PrisonsTitle: Directory of Federal Prisons
Author: Christopher Zoukis & Dr. Randall Radic
Publisher: Middle Street Publishing
Pages: 145
Language: English
Genre: Reference/Law
Format: Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

The DIRECTORY OF FEDERAL PRISONS:’s Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility Directory by Christopher Zoukis and Dr. Randall Radic is a comprehensive, yet succinct, guide to the contact information and basic character profile information of every prison within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, plus all private prisons under contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to house federal inmates.

It is an essential guide for everyone who knows anyone incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and sets the standard for basic character profiles and contact information for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

This electronic guidebook enables attorneys, family members and friends of federal prisoners, journalists, government officials, prison volunteers, and members of the general public to quickly locate the contact information and inmate correspondence address of every prison within the Federal Bureau of Prisons and every private prison which houses federal inmates.

About the Authors:

Christopher ZoukisChristopher Zoukis is an impassioned advocate for prison education, a legal scholar, and a prolific writer of books, book reviews, and articles. His articles on prison education and prison law appear frequently in Prison Legal News, and have been published in The Kansas City Star, The Sacramento Bee, Blog Critics, and Midwest Book Review, among other national, regional, and specialty publications.

Mr. Zoukis is often quoted on matters concerning prison law, criminal law, prisoners’ rights, and prison education. Recently, he was the focus of an article at concerning America’s broken criminal justice system and potential solutions to the current crisis.

When not in the thick of the battle for prison reform, prison education, or prisoners’ rights advocacy, Mr. Zoukis can be found blogging at,, and

Randall Radic is the Senior Editor and Chief Operating Officer of Middle Street Publishing (MSP), where he superintends and, and manages all of MSP’s print and online endeavors.

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in the classics, Dr. Radic matriculated at Agape Seminary, where he received the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology, and then Trinity Seminary where he received the degree of Doctor of Theology.

Dr. Randall RadicDr. Radic is the author of several non-fiction books, including Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood (Headpress, 2011), The Sound of Meat (Ephemera Bound Publishing, 2008), A Priest in Hell: True Crimes of America’s Clergy (ECW Press, 2009), and Terminal Disaster: Inside the Money Machine (Sunbury Press, 2012).

Dr. Radic has appeared on National Public Radio and A&E Television discussing prison education and America’s prison gangs.

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Victoria Van Tiem’s ‘Love Like the Movies’ Book Launch Today!

Love Like the Movies Launch 4

TODAY is the US premier of LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES through Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star & You’re Invited to our HOLLYWOOD LAUNCH PARTY!
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Love Like the Movies Launch 5

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★Win additional fun prizes throughout the day!
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Love Like the Movies Launch 1

Love Like the Movies Launch 3

Love Like the Movies Launch 2

Love Like the Movies 7

A contemporary romantic comedy.

In this irresistible romantic romp, movie fanatic, Kensington Shaw is thrown into love—Hollywood-style–when her gorgeous ex presents a big screen challenge to win back her heart. What girl wouldn’t want to experience the Pretty Woman shopping scene? It’s number two on the list. Or, try the lift from Dirty Dancing? It’s number five. One list, ten romantic movie moments, and a handful of shenanigans later, Kenzi has to wonder…should she marry the man her family loves, or risk everything for a love like the movies?

Love Like the Movies F

Author repped by Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency. An artist, black belt, mom of two, wife of one, and resident caretaker of the family zoo—including her beloved, pot-bellied pig, Pobby. When she’s not writing, she indulges in her two favorite pastimes: a good book and a romantic movie.

Visit her website at

Connect & Socialize!

Facebook page:
Rafflecopter–Facebook contest:

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Book Excerpt: Storytelling-The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism

Title: Storytelling: The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism
Author: Rudy Mazzocchi
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Pages: 220
Language: English
Genre: Business/Entrepreneurism
Format: Paperback, Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

The value of any new venture or sound new idea needs to be developed out of the nothingness of silence, ignorance and darkness. It ignites and illuminates the world only when the great storytelling entrepreneur lights the flame. “STORYTELLING: The Indispensable Art of the Entrepreneur” shows, with startling clarity and practical know-how, the process by which wealth and other things of exceptional value can emerge into the world literally out of nothing—nothing, that is, but the Art of Storytelling.

STORYTELLING takes you on a journey which reveals how the development, progressive modification and adaptation of your story is the golden thread and foundational core management practice which ties together all the others:  building, focusing and motivating your management team, navigating through troubled times or excessive growth, maintaining positive momentum with investors and Boards of Directors and positioning the venture for a potential exit.

Award-winning author and entrepreneur, Rudy Mazzocchi, exposes his greatest secret of success and provides an enormous amount of “experienced-based” illustrations and nuts-and-bolts practical advice. He reveals how to create and evolve the story of your new venture in a way that energizes and breathes life into what may have started out as just an idea.

Everyone can benefit greatly from reading this book—whether or not you envision yourself as an entrepreneur. STORYTELLING: The Indispensable Art of the Entrepreneur applies universally to ventures of all types and is an essential element in the fulfillment of any dream—dreams which depend upon capturing the interest and sustaining the highly-motivated commitment of others.

Book Excerpt:


Nearly thirty years of doing this and my leg was still nervously vibrating like a jackhammer. I rolled the laser pointer in my fingers like some gambler would roll a poker chip, over and over in my fingers. While contemplating the two glasses in front of me, one with vodka, the other water—both brimming with ice—I rehearsed my opening comments in my head. A long draw on the vodka provided a warming sensation that calmed the jumpy leg. The second speaker was wrapping up his presentation. Within minutes I’d find myself at the podium!

It was a tough, intimate crowd of approximately thirty highly-specialized and wealthy surgeons with a sprinkling of spouses and administrative personnel. Due to the content of my presentation, I would be the third and final guest speaker that evening, sandwiched in between the cocktail reception and dinner—a “symposium” held each quarter at their exclusive country club. My audience was already fidgety, as the prior two stories had been cluttered, complex and confusing. The three of us—all early-stage CEOs—were there to solicit funding for our ventures from this wealthy group of physicians, but any sympathy I had for my two predecessors evaporated as I advanced my first slide. Immediately differentiating myself further, I stepped to one side of the podium and then took a single step towards the congregation before me.

My heart rate gradually returned to normal as I presented my enticing bait to this hungry audience. Key words would hook many of them, but I held back just enough to relieve the tension on the line. It was important not to come across as being too pushy—too slippery—like many of those faceless salespeople who littered their busy offices during the week. I had something special to provide… it was not only a revolutionary product, but also an invitation to embark upon a journey only a select few might be privileged to take with me… an exciting excursion that could provide them with something to supplement their current wealth.

Following my talk, there was a coronal discharge that filled the room, like the buzzing of electrical lines; many pushed aside their tempting desserts to join me near the massive fireplace in the adjacent room. They’d heard my story and understood its value; appreciated what was needed and asked if they could participate.

As I waited for the valet to bring my car around, I calculated the commitments I’d received during the past hour… at least $900,000. Over the next ten business days, that dinner presentation pulled in a total of $1.4 million—in the bank, with stock certificates issued and mailed out to seven new qualified investors!

To be an accomplished entrepreneur, you must be able to tell your story properly. The twisted road to success—your success—will be filled with enlightenment, dread, exuberance, fear, joy and desperation. Without exception, the journey will be long and any deviation from the path may well place you in danger. If it’s of any comfort, when you do wander off that yellow brick road, you won’t be alone, but the longer you stay there, the tougher it is to get back on track without starting over. This book is based on personal experiences and designed to provide you with certain “guardrails” to help you stay on that path… and to avoid those damn flying monkeys.

Remember the story of the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum? How many times did Dorothy tell her story to others along her treacherous journey to the Emerald City? Her mission began when she explained herself to Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, after her house took out the Wicked Witch of the East. She refined her story when meeting the Munchkins, and it became stronger and more powerful each time she encountered a new companion—the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Dorothy then put a different spin on things when telling her story to the Wicked Witch of the West. How many times did she have to explain herself to whomever would listen—convincing others to help or join her on the journey? By the time she reached her key objective, her story to the Wizard was fine-tuned, well-rehearsed and crystal clear. Not only did she achieve her goals and those that defined her journey, but others who believed and supported her story along the way were provided a handsome return for their efforts.

Dorothy was a storyteller supreme. The storytelling necessary to become a successful entrepreneur is not much different. In the beginning, along with the idea—the vision—the story we tell is all we really have… and yet it is the most important tool in our bag. If not told properly, we are doomed to constantly deal with evil flying monkeys and the possibility of utter failure.

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He Said/She Said with Hope Tarr, author of ‘Suddenly Cinderella Bundle’


Title: Suddenly Cinderella Bundle

Genre: Romance

Author: Hope Tarr

Publisher: Entangled Indulgence

Pages: 420

Language: English

Format: Ebook

Operation Cinderella

Magazine editor Macie Graham devises a plan to masquerade as a modern-day Cinderella and get her revenge on infuriating Texan Ross Mannon. She’ll do anything to uncover the dirt on the famous radio personality but when she finally uncovers a secret that could destroy Ross’s reputation, she faces losing her job or losing the fairy-tale ending she didn’t even know she wanted.

The Cinderella Makeover

Chic fashion photographer Francesca St. James agrees to work as a “fashion fairy godmother” on a new reality TV show, but she doesn’t agree to falling for one of the contestants. Tech company CEO Greg just needs some help transforming himself enough to find his happily ever after, and butting heads with his high-and-mighty fairy godmother isn’t in his plan. The two couldn’t be more different, but as Greg transforms into the smoking-hot, confident guy he was always meant to be, will his makeover find him his one true love?

The Cinderella Seduction

Four months ago, Nick’s bachelor-style life was turned upside down. Now the sole parent to a seven-year-old daughter he never knew existed, Nick doesn’t have time for pleasure. But he hadn’t factored in Stefanie or the intense attraction he’d feel for her. As her seduction heats up, so do the stakes, both professionally and romantically. Can he let business go long enough to allow Stefanie into his heart?



He said, She said


Suddenly Cinderella Series Book #2

Interview by Hope Tarr

Author’s Note: Many thanks for having me here to chat about THE CINDERELLA MAKEOVER, the second novel in my Suddenly Cinderella Series of contemporary fairytale themed romances for Entangled Publishing. Before we begin my interview with Francesca and Greg, my heroine and hero, below is a bit about the book:

Internationally famous fashion photographer, Francesca St. James (Ross’s ex from OPERATION CINDERELLA) gets considerably more than she bargained for when she leaves New York for Los Angeles to join the cast of a newly launched reality TV show as a fashion coach. “Project Cinderella” aims to remake fashion frogs into styling Cinderella princes and princesses. Silicon Valley CEO, contestant Gregory Knickerbocker is a geek with a heart of gold—and a six-foot three leanly-muscled body in want of a stylist’s molding. Fortunately Francesca loves nothing more than a challenge and serving as Greg’s “fashion fairy god mentor” promises to be that and then some. Can a pair of vintage Saks Fifth Avenue red slippers help her look beyond Greg’s center-parted hair and gray hoodies to the Prince Charming that lies beneath?

Now, to the interview!

H: We get the proverbial ball rolling with you, Francesca. We’re all dying to know a bit more about you and Greg. Are you game for a few questions?

F: Certainly, Hope. Fire away!

H: What’s your favorite thing about Greg­­­­­­­­­­?

F: The eyes have it! The first time I looked into Greg’s cerulean blue gaze, I was smitten—not that I’d admit to it, mind. (Laughs).

H: Fair enough. For those who haven’t yet read THE CINDERELLA MAKEOVER, can you fill us in on how you met?

F (nodding, looking wistful): Not under the best of circumstances, I’m afraid. I was on assignment to GQ to photograph Greg for his upcoming feature profile in the magazine. By appointment, I arrived at the Silicon Valley headquarters of his tech startup, Cloud Flyer, only he refused to see me—or allow me to photograph him. I’d traveled from New York to shoot him and his refusal was quite the outside of enough! I stormed into his office and…Well, those blue eyes quite mastered me but only for a few moments. When he tricked me into accepting an old picture of himself—his infant photo!—and showed me the door, I wanted to shoot him indeed!

H: When was the first time you realized you were attracted to Greg?

F: From that first moment, although I refused to admit it for some time. You see, I can be quite stubborn as well.

G (Interrupting): She really can.

H: (Laughs). Thanks, Greg, but we’ll get to you shortly. Hang on over there! Francesca, how would you describe the perfect date?

F: The first date that Greg arranged for us was perfection, or rather it nearly was. As a mentor and contestant on Project Cinderella, our respective contracts forbade any fraternization off-set. We dare not be seen together in public lest we lose our positions. Greg, clever darling, arranged to come to my hotel suite—and no, it’s not what you think!—to dance the bolero. As we were about to kiss for the very first time, myself in Greg’s capable and oh so strong clasp, my bloody cell phone rang. It was my teenage daughter, Samantha, calling from Washington, DC to say she’d decided against spending her summer holiday with me. Needless to say I was crushed—and Greg was so very chivalrous. In lieu of swooping on me and carrying me off to bed in my vulnerability, he held me gently and then ordered a superb room service supper to accompany the delicious bottle of wine he’d brought. We sat up talking into the wee hours and fell asleep in each other’s arms—fully clothed.

G: Not taking off her clothes, as amazing as she looked in that red dress, called for major willpower!

F: A herculean effort indeed, darling. (Blows him a kiss).

H: (Clearing throat and fanning face). Okay, well, what do you most love about Greg?

F: His loyal, loving heart.

H: What do you dislike the most about Greg?

F: His t-shirt bearing the slogan, Byte Me—relegated to the past, I dare say—and the rubbish bin!

G (Eyes widening…): The trash! I wondered why I couldn’t find it…

H: Secret’s out, it seems. What annoying habit drives you crazy about Greg?

F: These days Greg drives me mad indeed—but not with irritation! (Winks devilishly and exchanges scorching look with Greg).

H: (Fanning face with increased vigor…) Do you ever feel like Greg tries to control you?

F: Only in the best of ways. (Winks again)

H: (Reaching for glass of ice water and wishing she could splash her face…) Every couple bickers. How do you and Greg work out your differences?

F: We talk them over although mind I’m usually in no great hurry. Makeup sex is the absolute best, darling.

H: (Giving up and pouring water over her head—kidding! Sort of…) Whew, I’ll bet! Are children in your future?

F: We hope so, although not for a while. Once my daughter, Samantha, goes to university in two years, I’ll likely relocate to California permanently. For now, Greg and I are doing the bi-coastal thing. It takes a bit of coordinating but as an international fashion photographer, I’m used to traveling—and being with Greg is worth it!

H: Delicate question—how do you feel about marriage?

F: (Glances over at Greg, biting her lip). Cautious but optimistic. I’m divorced from Samantha’s father, as you know, but marriage to Greg would be a different beast entirely. He’s already asked me.

G: I have, multiple times.

F: So far I’ve put him off until “someday.” But we’ll marry when the time is right, I’m sure of it.

H: What has changed about Greg since you first met?

F: His wardrobe, thank God! A good haircut and contacts in lieu of glasses has further enhanced the masculine good looks that were always there but hidden.

H: What is Greg’s sexiest physical attribute?

F: I’ll spare myself blushes and simply say his eyes. (She blushes anyway)

H: What’s in store for the future?

F: Marriage most likely (see above), and hopefully living together on one coast—the West. Greg and Samantha (daughter) get along famously. I’m hoping she’ll spend more of her school holidays with us once she begins university.

H: Sounds like a Happily Ever After in the making. Greg, it’s your turn to weigh in.

G: Thanks, Hope. I’m ready, believe me. (Laughs)

H: What’s your favorite thing about Francesca­­­­?

G: Honestly there are so many things I love about this woman it’s impossible to pick just one.

H: How did you meet?

G: She sidestepped my receptionist and barged into my office with her camera like she owned the place—”

F: How many times must I say this!?! I had an appointment!

G: And she refused to leave until she had my photograph to run with the GQ feature piece. I gave it to her all right—my baby picture but hey, it’s still me, right? (Grins wickedly)

H: When’s the first time you realized you were attracted to Francesca?

F: I knew it from the start, or at least once I looked up from coding and into her face—her very beautiful, very pissed off face. The heat in her eyes could have melted metal.

H: How would you describe the perfect date?

G: Our first date as Francesca described was pretty perfect except for the phone call from her daughter. She took it pretty hard, which is totally understandable. Still, if I had it to do again, this time I probably wouldn’t be so noble about letting her keep her clothes on. She made it all up to me the next day, though…

H: Hmm, care to elaborate?

F (Shaking head): No, he does not!

H: Okay, then, moving on, what do you most love about Francesca?

G: I’d have to say her spirit. She absolutely doesn’t give up, and I find that incredibly sexy.

H: Okay, then what do you dislike the most about Francesca?

I love everything about her—including the way she bites her bottom lip when she’s anxious about something. It’s adorable—and way sexy!

F: Oh, darling! ((Sends Greg mooncalf look))

G: Except sometimes she interrupts—a lot.

H: What annoying habit drives you crazy about Francesca?

G: Just getting a word in can be a challenge sometimes—but I’m up for it!

H: Hmm, okay. Do you ever feel like Francesca tries to control you?

G: Other than throwing out my clothes? No.

H: Every couple bickers. How do you and Francesca work out your differences?

G: We talk them through, like she said, but the talking usually comes after I take her to bed.

H (Pausing to guzzle contents of water glass): I see. Are children in your future?

G: I love her daughter, Sam already and despite what Francesca may tell you, she’s a great mom. Would I like us to have kids of our own? Of course I hope that happens. Right now the timing isn’t so great for starting a family, but in another year or two…

H: How do you feel about marriage?

G: Like I said earlier, I’ve asked her multiple times—and I won’t give up until she gives me a definite yes.

H: What has changed about Francesca since you first met?

G: I don’t think she’s as hung up on appearances as she used to be.

H: What’s Francesca’s sexiest physical attribute?

G: Again, she has so many, but I’ll keep it PG-13 and say her eyes. The way she looks at me when I—

F: Greg!

H: (Laughing) What’s in store for the future?

G: Marriage definitely, kids hopefully, and living in the same time zone sooner versus later.

H: Francesca and Greg, thank you both for taking the time to stop by and let Suddenly Cinderella Series readers know what you’ve been up to since the series wrapped.

((Both nod, Francesca speaks up)): Quite. Greg and I make an appearance in the series finale, THE CINDERELLA SEDUCTION.

Hope: Yes, you do! J Readers, please expect to see not only Francesca and Greg but also my other two Suddenly Cinderella couples, Macie and Ross, Starr and Matt, in the series wrap-up: THE CINDERELLA SEDUCTION.


Award-winning author, Hope Tarr earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Education before coming to grips with the tough truth: she wasn’t especially interested in analyzing people or teaching them. What she wanted was to write about them! Today Hope is the author of more than twenty historical and contemporary romance novels for multiple publishers including THE CINDERELLA SEDUCTION, the finale to her Suddenly Cinderella Series for Entangled Publishing. Hope is also a co-founder and current curator of Lady Jane’s Salon®, New York City’s first—and still only—monthly romance reading series now with satellites in eight U.S. states. The Romance Writers of America’s New York City chapter recently honored Hope as their 2013 Author of the Year. She lives in Manhattan with her real life romance hero and their feline family members. When not writing, she enjoys running, hiking, martial arts—and browsing restaurant menus.



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