Opinion: Getting into Bookstores: Why I Did It My Way Anoushka Beazley

Part of the joy of being an indie author is that you can choose to do things your own way. Sometimes you may feel compelled not only to defy trade publishing conventions, but to fly in the face of received wisdom on the self-publishing circuit. Thus rather than pursue the POD online route to paperback production and distribution, as recommended by Data Guy, Digital Book World, ALLi and so many other authorities, novelist Anoushka Beazley beat her own path to being stocked by bookstores. Over to Anoushka to explain what she did, why and how…

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Gain Exposure with an Online Blog Tour

Book tours are comprised of different people’s blogs across the internet that all showcase your book to their followers, who are targeted readers of your genre. A blog tour allows an author to “appear” on multiple book blogs in a span of 1 to 4 weeks to promote an up-and-coming book. The appearances on these book blogs consist of a variety of online activities for the author, from writing guest posts, engaging in interviews, posting book excerpts and more. The greater number of blogs you can appear on, the more you will expand your audience and extend your reach.

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How to Use a Survey to Pick the Best Cover for your Self-published Book

Having gone to so much trouble to make your book the best it can be, you need to be sure you choose the right cover to make it fly off the shelves – but can you really trust your own judgment, or should you widen your jury? Stephen Oram, indie author of near-future science fiction, explains how he set up a survey to help him make the right decision for his latest book, and how he interpreted the results.

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Ways Your Contacts Can Participate in Book Promotion

When planning your book launch, it’s important to involve your contacts—friends, family, peers, and associates—and have them help you. I’ve met countless authors over the years who mention the many great contacts they have, but when the rubber hits the road and it’s time for book promotion, often times those contacts are forgotten or ignored.

The thing about your contacts is that you can’t expect them to know how to promote your book for you. If you want their help, you need to ask them to take action, and provide some direction for them to follow. It doesn’t have to be invasive or painful in any way. In fact, many will be eager to help—but they can’t do that until you let them know what you need.

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Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos Sees Dramatic Rise in Book Sales Following UC Berkeley Protests

Milo Yiannopoulos has seen a dramatic increase in book sales after the University of California, Berkeley cancelled a scheduled talk by the controversial conservative following violent protests. Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book, “Dangerous,” is available March 14th.

Milo Yiannopoulos has seen a dramatic increase in book sales after the University of California, Berkeley cancelled a scheduled talk by the controversial conservative following violent protests.

As of Friday morning, Yiannopoulos’ controversial book, “Dangerous”, which won’t’ be available until March 14, topped the Amazon bestseller list. However, the AP notes that controversy that has driven pre-orders for the brook “has also made promotion unusually complicated.” Since December, hundreds of authors have objected to the book deal, and one writer, Roxane Gay, withdrew a book she had planned for Simon & Schuster.

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Six Smart Book Marketing Tips to Reach Amazon Bestseller Status

Marketing is not hard but it is strategy. You must know how to do all the steps, in sequence, and have good timing. For a book to sell – it has to have a digital component – sold digitally and marketed digitally.

And if you have video, like our client Dr. Cindy Trimm had, you got a winner!

So, what does “smart” marketing look like?

Here are some book marketing tips:

1. Tying a book and book marketing to news event

If your book can tie in current news events – you have built-in buzz (especially if you don’t have a strong platform or brand). And it doesn’t have to be a tragic event. You can your book launch with a sports event or the Olympics, a hit movie and Black History Month. It doesn’t matter – long as there are people talking about it and feasting on more information about the subject. If you have a book on health and wellness, tie into the conversation about Obamacare or the “Let’s Move” campaign by Michelle Obama. Finding the right HOOK is key and timing is everything.

2. Creating intrigue and curiosity is critical

If you can create curiosity around your book, then you’ll create quite a bit of buzz before the book ever comes out. It’s no different with movies. A good movie trailer will have buying a $20 for a movie (for two) in no time. No different with a GOOD book trailer. We specialize in developing book trailers and creative ideas that fit the authors brand.

3. Making use of technology to sell your book

Yes, YouTube is a great tool for selling a book. But notice that it’s not about the book at all. It’s the back story – the platform you’ve developed OVER TIME that has folks watching you video and opening your emails and participating in your podcasts like crazy.

4. Creating joint ventures for more book sales

I don’t know how many people you have on your email list but if you could double your list and reach several thousand more – wouldn’t that be a coup? That’s what we did for Dr. Cindy Trimm. We did an email and social media campaign to her list and our partners and increased her exposure to several hundred thousand people! So a smart move would be to find just a few joint venture partners for your book and you’ll have people flocking to your website.

5. Selling a book without selling a book

We are big fans of a “landing page” that sells people on not just the book – but the movement. See, you don’t think you’re buying a book – you are part of an event. See an example of what we created for Dr. Laureen Wishom at http://www.fitfinefabbooklaunch.drlaureen.com. It worked!

6. Building a list

When you go to the landing page, you’re really adding your name and email address to the author’s list. They’ll then be able to send you additional teasers leading up to the book so that you’re ready to buy before it hits the streets. We offered Dr. Trimm’s list tons of bonuses for ordering early and an opportunity to interface with her directly on podcasts. Then, we staggered the distribution of the pre-sold books out over several days so that they don’t all hit at once.

A block of book orders shipped as one counts as “one” book on the Amazon best seller list. But, if you stagger the orders, you’ll be more likely to hit that enviable best seller list. You are teased into signing up for the email so that you’ll receive the “insider report.” This “WOOs” people and keeps them interested until the official launch. And she did! #1 Best Seller on several lists, including Amazon and twice on the BCN (Black Christian News) List.

Pam Perry is known as the “PR Guru”, “Marketing Whiz” and “Social Media Expert” by the national media such as Detroit Free Press, Publisher’s Weekly and Gospel Today magazine. She was named more than once as one of the Top 50 Black Women Business Online by BBWO.

Perry has arguably been one of the more high-powered and visible figures in public relations. Her career serves as a notable example of the potency that personally handled promotion has acquired in the mass media. Perry’s rise in the wrangling world of publicity began when she worked in public relations and advertising. Learning the business from the inside out, Perry and eventually formed her own firm, Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. in 2000 helping thousands of authors ever since.

Head over to http://www.pamperrymentoring.com and watch the video on how she helps people achieve their goals.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Pam_Perry/267934

Amazon Kindle Book Marketing Essentials

Expert Author Bill Platt

Many authors/writers have discovered the power and potential of the Amazon Kindle marketplace for selling their books.

For eBooks priced from $0.99 to $2.98, and eBooks priced at $10.00 or more, Amazon pays 35% in royalties on all products sold. For eBooks priced between $2.99 and $9.99, Amazon pays royalties equal to 70% on all products sold.

Without a doubt, some book authors are making an absolute killing by self-publishing their books on Amazon. A good friend of mine is making half a million a year with her books on the Kindle platform.

It is possible to make a nice living selling nonfiction on Amazon, but the people collecting the largest royalty checks are those who are writing fiction.

Publishing Essentials

Amazon Kindle is an attractive place to publish books, because absolutely anyone who is willing to set up a Kindle Digital Publishing account can upload a manuscript and start selling their books within 24 hours in most cases.

Amazon is also the largest “buyer search engine” on the Internet, meaning that the people using Amazon’s search tool are looking for products to purchase.

When you load your book to the Amazon website, there are a few key pieces of information you will need to include with your book upload:

  • Must be logged into an Amazon Account;
  • Title;
  • Author (Pen Names are acceptable);
  • Description;
  • Categories;
  • Keywords;
  • Description;
  • Image representing Book Cover;
  • Book Manuscript;
  • Prices;
  • Choose optional Amazon promotional programs.

Book Marketing Essentials

In most cases, the primary marketing tools you need are six items:

  1. Title that will catch the shopper’s attention;
  2. Book Cover that assures the shopper that this book will give them what they want;
  3. Category choices that will allow it to be found by its target audience;
  4. Keywords that could help people using the search function find the book;
  5. Book Description that sells the book to the person looking at the book;
  6. A respectable and acceptable Price.

Common Misconception About Book Marketing in General

Many people believe that all they need to do is to create a book and upload it to Amazon, in order to start making money. In part, this is true.

Once the book is uploaded and approved by Amazon, then you can start making sales.

However, your book marketing essentials need to be solid, in order for you to actually find buyers.

You must have an interesting book title.

You must have a book cover that appeals to the reader. The big thing here is that you want your book cover to look like it was professionally designed, rather than designed by your junior high school child or grandchild.

Most important, you must have a compelling book description. The title and cover will get people to open your sales page, but it is your description that will sell the book for you.

It is sad, but most self-published authors will spend several months writing their book and less than ten minutes crafting their book description. Yet, future buyers are looking to the book description to convince them whether they should or should not purchase your book.

If the description stinks, then sales will stink too.

If you construct a compelling description, you could very well find your book on the best sellers list.

Reality Check About Selling Books on Amazon

People tell me all the time that they don’t need to worry about marketing their books, because Amazon will do all of their marketing for them.

Here is what you need to understand about Amazon marketing your books for you.

Yes, Amazon wants to sell more products, so they will tell their customers about your books.

But here is the thing… Amazon’s internal marketing machine is completely driven by computer algorithm. An algorithm is a computer program that seeks out products to share with their customers.

Amazon’s computer algorithms are designed to find strong selling products and to promote those top-selling items to their customers.

Amazon isn’t going to push a product that has only sold ten copies in the last month. Instead, it is going to push products that are currently selling hundreds of units a day, because they are trying to maximize the number of products they can sell. They are not going to promote a product that has lukewarm sales.

If you want to sell lots of books on Amazon, you should refrain from burying your head in the sand.

In order to get Amazon to market your books for you, you have to help your book by getting its sales started on good footing.

You can of course try the marketing approach that most authors take — upload and pray.

Or, you can invest a little time or money to get your sales rolling, so that the Amazon sales algorithm can find your book and promote it to their customers.

You can advertise your book for free in a number of Facebook groups, on Twitter, or on your own blog. You don’t have a blog? Why not?

Or, you can spend a little money and advertise your book on a site like Bookbub or any of the websites shown here.

You Are In The Driver’s Seat

As a self-published book author, you are not only your own publisher, but you are also your own marketing team.

All you really need to do is to grease the wheels, so that Amazon’s internal sales algorithm can find your book and tell their customers about it.

Once Amazon has found your book, then Amazon will do all of your book marketing for you.

Until you can get your sales moving forward, the only hope that your book will have for good sales is one — pray hard.

If you need help finding story ideas for your fiction writing, check out http://FictionPlots.com/ If you enjoyed this article, then you should also check out http://SelfPublisherToday.com/ where Bill Platt is the publisher and a frequent contributor.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Bill_Platt/17765

Pump Up Your Book Announces The Heatstroke Virtual Book Tour



Pump Up Your Book! is proud to announce Edward L. Rubin’s THE HEATSTROKE LINE (Sunbury Press) virtual book tour starting January 3 and ending March 31. Edward will be guest appearing at blogs throughout the U.S. and international regions talking about his phenomenal new scifi/cli-fi new novel that critics are comparing to Mad Max, The Hunger Games, Waterworld, and The Walking Dead. THE HEATSTROKE LINE is Pump Up Your Book’s Top Scifi Pick of the Month.

Edward Rubin is University Professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University. He specializes in administrative law, constitutional law and legal theory. He is the author of Soul, Self and Society: The New Morality and the Modern State (Oxford, 2015); Beyond Camelot: Rethinking Politics and Law for the Modern State (Princeton, 2005) and two books with Malcolm Feeley, Federalism: Political Identity and Tragic Compromise (Michigan, 2011) and Judicial Policy Making and the Modern State: How the Courts Reformed America’s Prisons (Cambridge, 1998). In addition, he is the author of two casebooks, The Regulatory State (with Lisa Bressman and Kevin Stack) (2nd ed., 2013); The Payments System (with Robert Cooter) (West, 1990), three edited volumes (one forthcoming) and The Heatstroke Line (Sunbury, 2015) a science fiction novel about the fate of the United States if climate change is not brought under control. Professor Rubin joined Vanderbilt Law School as Dean and the first John Wade–Kent Syverud Professor of Law in July 2005, serving a four-year term that ended in June 2009. Previously, he taught at the University of Pennsylvania Law School from 1998 to 2005, and at the Berkeley School of Law from 1982 to 1998, where he served as an associate dean. Professor Rubin has been chair of the Association of American Law Schools’ sections on Administrative Law and Socioeconomics and of its Committee on the Curriculum. He has served as a consultant to the People’s Republic of China on administrative law and to the Russian Federation on payments law. He received his undergraduate degree from Princeton and his law degree from Yale.

He has published four books, three edited volumes, two casebooks, and more than one hundred articles about various aspects of law and political theory. The Heatstroke Line is his first novel.

The Heatstroke Line is a phenomenal book. Nothing has been done to prevent climate change, and the United States has spun into decline. Storm surges have made coastal cities uninhabitable, blistering heat waves afflict the interior and, in the South (below the Heatstroke Line), life is barely possible. Under the stress of these events and an ensuing civil war, the nation has broken up into three smaller successor states and tens of tiny principalities. When the flesh-eating bugs that inhabit the South show up in one of the successor states, Daniel Danten is assigned to venture below the Heatstroke Line and investigate the source of the invasion. The bizarre and brutal people he encounters, and the disasters that they trigger, reveal the real horror climate change has inflicted on America.

If you’d like to follow his tour, visit http://www.pumpupyourbook.com/2016/12/05/pump-up-your-book-presents-the-heatstroke-line-virtual-book-publicity-tour/ . Please leave a comment or question at each of his tour stops to let him know you stopped by!

Pump Up Your Book! is an award-winning virtual book tour agency for authors who want quality service at an affordable price. More information can be found on our website at www.pumpupyourbook.com. While there, check out our Authors on Tour page to see who we have coming up in the months ahead. We’re always looking for new bloggers to join our team!

Contact Information:

Dorothy Thompson

Founder of Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Tours

P.O. Box 643

Chincoteague, Virginia 23336

Email: Dorothy@PumpUpYourBook.com

Pump Up Your Book Presents Steve Dunn Hanson’s Sealed Up Virtual Book Tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pump Up Your Book! is proud to announce Steve Dunn Hanson’s Sealed Up: The Course of Fate: Book One Virtual Book Tour January 3 – March 31.  Steve will be guest appearing at blogs throughout the U.S. and international regions talking about his phenomenal new action/adventure/suspense novel that critics are calling “Fascinating. Intricate. Intelligent.”

Hanson has lived in places that grew him – from a small Idaho farm town, a run-down neighborhood in St. Louis, and a middle-class southern California community to Sydney, Australia and Bucharest, Romania. His experiences are as varied as the places he’s lived.  He says, “I have a hopper of ‘reality’ including being a volunteer jail chaplain and flying with a U.S. presidential candidate in his small plane when an engine conked out.  And all of this is fodder for my writing.”

In Sealed Up, UCLA anthropologist Nathan Hill, is in a funk since his young wife’s death, and learns of staggering millennia-old chronicles sealed up somewhere in a Mesoamerica cliff. This bombshell rocks him out of his gloom, and he leads a clandestine expedition to uncover them. What are they? Who put them there? No one knows. But, self-absorbed televangelist Brother Luke, who funds the expedition, thinks he does. If he’s right, his power-hunger will have off-the-charts gratification.

Striking Audra Chang joins Nathan in his pursuit and brings her own shocking secret. As they struggle through a literal jungle of puzzles and dead ends, she finds herself falling in love with Nathan. Her secret, though, may make that a non-starter.

When a shaman with a thirst for human sacrifice, and a murderous Mexican drug lord with a mysterious connection to Brother Luke emerge, the expedition appears doomed. Yet Nathan is convinced that fate—or something—demands these inscrutable chronicles be unearthed.

And if they are . . . what shattering disruption will they unleash?

Intricately layered and remarkably researched, this enthralling suspense-driven and thought provoking tour de force begs a startling question: Could it happen?

If you’d like to follow his tour stops, visit http://www.pumpupyourbook.com/2016/12/09/pump-up-your-book-presents-sealed-up-virtual-book-publicity-tour-win-25-amazon-gift-card/ and you may win a $25 Amazon Gift Card or an autographed copy of his book. Please leave a comment or question at each of his tour stops to let him know you stopped by!

Pump Up Your Book! is an award-winning virtual book tour agency for authors who want quality service at an affordable price.  More information can be found on our website at www.pumpupyourbook.com. While there, check out our Authors on Tour page to see what we have coming up in the months ahead. We’re always looking for new bloggers to join our team.

Contact Information:

Dorothy Thompson

Founder of Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Tours

P.O. Box 643

Chincoteague, Virginia  23336

Email:  thewriterslife@gmail.com

Interview with Myron Heavin, author of Human Origins and The Bible

Welcome to Book Marketing Buzz.  Can we begin by having you tell us a little about your book?

  • The Bible teaches that Adam and Eve lived about 6,000 to 8,000 years ago as documented by:

1.                    The genealogies written in 3 separate places with only 10 generations between Adam and Noah 10 ten generations from Noah to Abram (Abraham).

2.                    Cain founding a city (the first cities were founded about 8000 years ago),

3.                    The 8th generation of Adam which contained the fathers of those that worked metal (6000 years ago max), those that kept animals (8000 years ago max, and those that played musical instruments.

  • Paleontologists and Archeologists are finding that humans migrated out of Africa about 50,000 years ago (Native Americans perhaps 12-20,000 years ago), and
  • DNA researchers say DNA traces homo sapiens to just a single Mother (Eve) that lives perhaps 135,000 years ago.

The book examines modern theories how all these three things can be true, and evaluates leading modern theories showing they all have major issues.  The book then proposes a new bold theory to explain how to best explain the above 3 statements.

The book is about 50% bible study and 50% brief summary of current scientific research in a study format with lots of discussion questions – also suitable for small groups.

What is the first thing you did to promote your book once your publisher accepted your manuscript?

I chose Redemption Press to publish the book specifically because they promised that they would later provide a very good way to promote the book in a professional and appropriate manner for the book subject matter.

After that, what happened?

After the book was published, then I contacted Redemption Press again and then they arranged for PrimeStarPublicity to publish the book.

What did your publisher do to promote your book? (ignore this is you’re self-published)


What’s your opinion on blogging?  Do you see that it is helping sell your book or is it not making much difference in terms of sales?  If you blog, do you blog often?

I do not have a blog or a web site, but it is time I started one.  This is odd because my 50 year career with Boeing was as an engineer who was always really into computing.  This includes almost enough credits at UCI, University of California at Irvine, to have a degree in Computer Science.  However after retirement and a new MA degree from Talbot Seminary, I wanted to lead Bible Studies and worship services and let someone else do what I had been doing for 50 years.  (I hope this helps).

I understand using the social networks to promote your books is also an effective marketing tool.  What social networks do you use and do you find any of them effective?

I have let my Publicist handle this at the moment.  Perhaps my next project needs to be to catch up – perhaps learn from my grandchildren.  It is about time.  A web site would be extremely helpful.

Besides blogging and using the social networks to promote your books, what other ways are you promoting your book?

Locally a fellow Rotarian, who owns a book store, will have a book signing in January.  This should generate lots of local interest.

I have also contacted Biola Christian Apologetics department (I am an MA student there), to have them review the book.  This could have significant potential.

If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that you’ve used to promote your book, which would you say has been the most effective?

Hire a professional to market your book – a professional is always the best marketing tool.

About The Book

Title: Human Origins And The Bible
Author: Myron Heavin
Publisher: Redemption Press
Publication Date: July 20, 2016
Pages: 194
Genre: Christian Apologetics / Theology
An engineer takes a scientific approach to the study of human origins, and compares Scripture with the findings of current scientific discoveries and DNA research. Myron Heavin examines differing views on creation and human origins, and what the Bible has to say in Genesis 2-5. From how to read and interpret the Bible, to when Adam and Eve lived, to hominids and Neantherthals, Heavin examines the validity of various creationist viewpoints, always with the supremacy of Scripture in mind. An individual or group Bible study that uses nature and Scripture to answer questions on our origins.
Book Excerpt:

Introduction (pages IX – XI)
There is a need for a sensible discussion of how
humans came to be, what recent fossil records reveal, what DNA reveals, what
science has learned, and what we can learn from a careful and reasoned study of
Scripture. We wish to interpret Scripture as literally as possible, since God
was the real author of Scripture. God also created the heavens and the earth,
and left clear footprints everywhere in nature clearly revealing to all humans
that He did this. There is much passionate discussion among friends, between
believers in the high schools, in the media, from the pulpit, from our
politicians, etc. about both nature and religion. Most teach us today that
science is king; the scientist is the wise one; advances in science and
technology will lead to a better life for all; and careers in science and
technology often pay well. Other people tell us religion is all-important; if
the nation becomes more Christian it will succeed; and a nation that turns its
back on God will surely sink into total failure. The result is a kind of
polarization where religion and science are mutually contradictory, and one is
the enemy of the other. Rejection of God leads to divisiveness.

It is suggested that God wrote both books, nature
and Scripture, and they do not conflict with each other, but rather they help
each other to a better understanding of both. It is observed that most people
reject  both Scripture and science
somewhat equally. They say they believe in science, but reject global warming,
they reject immunizations, they are not supportive of exploration of space
(NASA), they are against new developments in agriculture such as
genetically-modified food, are against chlorination of drinking water, and are
against even most economic theories. Likewise, most people believe in the Bible
and the Ten Commandments, and literally believe the world was created in six
twenty-four-hour days as they Bible says, but many say evolutionists like
Darwin are from the devil. Our youth read the creation story in Genesis and the
literal six days of creation and this turns them off religion entirely.

This book
takes both Scripture and nature seriously, because God wrote both books. The
heart of the problem is people reject God, and this leads to rejecting equally
both science and Scripture. We believers see only through a foggy mirror. It is
important to be humble about what we do and what we do not know. We read and
think we understand Scripture, but scripture is “living”—it speaks to us anew
each time we read it. Our understandings today are often different from our
understandings when we were young. Likewise, nature is “living” and our
understandings are different from when we were younger. As we age, our opinions
tend to harden, and we tend to become more conservative. We are always
changing, always seeking, always hungry for new dialogue, but it always becomes
more difficult to change. Our society, likewise, is becoming more polarized. We
tend to read and see things that we already believed. When we hear something
different, we somehow process it to reinforce what we believed before we heard
it. Some of the greatest theologians and preachers did not do well in science
and mathematics. Likewise some of the greatest scientists and engineers lack
“people skills.” Perhaps this is because each believer is unique with his or
her spiritual gifts and natural abilities. The scientist has trouble
communicating with the theologian, and the theologian has trouble communicating
with the scientist. This is further compounded by congregations that “hang” on
every word their beloved preacher says; likewise, classroom students that
“hang” on every word the science or engineering professor says. This tends to
build up egos. Suddenly, the preacher knows more about science than the
scientist; suddenly the scientist knows more about religion than the pastor.
This tends to polarize society as people have trouble listening to each other.

This book will avoid the creation issues (wars) in Genesis 1, but instead
concentrate on understanding human origins in Genesis 2-5. Let’s tackle only
one issue at a time, and try to understand it well. The main subject of all of
Scripture is God. The main subject of Genesis 1 is God—see how God created the
world! The main subject matter of Genesis 1 is not the creation, and how God
created the fantastic creation. See how God is the intelligent creator; not
“see how creation was intelligently created by God.” This temporary cosmos will
someday be destroyed by fire, but God and those reborn will live in eternity
with new bodies. Lastly, it is difficult to write anything about science and
religion without later developments proving us wrong. We observe that
bipedalism seemed to suddenly and miraculously appear as hominids seemed to
evolve from chimpanzees, and we used this as somewhat of a proof God intervened
to suddenly create a new species. When a later development finds an
intermediate form, we are embarrassed. This has happened over and over each
time a theologian gets too carried away by scientific specifics.

For More Information:

Human Origins And The Bible is available at AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreadsRedemption Press
Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club on Goodreads

About the Author

Myron G. Heavin graduated from Purdue University with a BS in aeronautical engineering, and has a BA in biblical and theological studies from Talbot Theological Seminary, and is currently enrolled in Christian Apologetics MA studies at Biola University. After fifty years as an engineer for the Boeing Company, Heavin retired and continues teaching and leading seven different Bible studies. Heavin and his wife Sharyl, who have been married over fifty years, have three grown children, and make their home in Lompoc, CA.
For More Information:

Virtual Book Tour

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