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What Your Readers and Book Buyers Want to Know About You and What You Need to Know About Them

Every now and then, I’ll have an author ask me what they should write about when asked to write guest posts or what emphasis they should concentrate on when answering questions in interviews or just what they should do to create the most impact on their book buying public without becoming overbearing, pompous or downright [...]

So who is the world’s highest paid author?

Take a guess without looking.  Who do you think is the highest paid author?  J.K. Rowling?  Thnk again.
As of June 2010, U.S. author James Patterson outranked the reigning queen herself, J.K. Rowling, and became the world’s highest paid author.  The irony of it all is according to this article at the Independent, Patterson might not [...]

A Ghost-Tweetering we will go…hi ho..hi ho

When you follow your favorite movie stars and rock stars on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, I bet you they have you believe it’s really them, don’t you?  I mean, who’s to really know it’s not them?  They’re right on topic and are saying things you’d expect from them, right?
I have Paula [...]

Track Your Amazon Sales Rankings at NovelRank

NovelRank provides free Amazon Sales Rank tracking of book sales on Amazon, including Kindle Edition e-books and printed editions.
NovelRank is a completely free website for authors to track their Amazon Sales Rank on, (United Kingdom), (Canada), (France), (Germany), and (Japan). NovelRank is an excellent free resource for self-promoting authors [...]

Amazon says ebook sales to overtake paperbacks by next year

Amazon has told Pocket-lint that it expects Kindle ebook sales to eclipse paperback sales by the end of 2011, and to eclipse combined hardback and paperback sales shortly after that in the US.
“I think we [Amazon] will sell more Kindle books than paperback books in the next year [2011]“, Steve Kessel, the man tasked with [...]

Put marketing your book at the top of your to do list

Problogger had an interesting blog post today.  He had listened to a guy speaking about how he made lots of money online.  He admits he got caught in the moment, but when things settled down, he realized the presenter was only telling one side of the story – that while he did have all those [...]

How to Promote Your Self-Published eBook (for free!)

One of the most-asked questions I get from writers who have never written and published an eBook before is, “How would you promote a self-published eBook? Where would you go to even begin selling a product that hasn’t the backup from a traditional or otherwise publisher?”
Well, that’s two, but many writers balk at attempting [...]

Going on a virtual book tour? Here are some things you should know.

Your book has just been published.  Or maybe it’s going to be published in the next month or two.  Regardless, authors are signing up for virtual book tours the moment they hear about the exciting ways they can promote their books with them.  There is no better vehicle to sell your books online so I [...]

How to Use YouTube to Land a 7-Figure Publishing Deal

Just read this in Publisher’s Weekly. It’s an older article but its point is timeless.
A man by the name of Rupert Isaacson got the interest of Curtis Brown agent Elizabeth Sheinkman in representing him for his book, The Horse Boy, about his forthcoming trip to Mongolia with his son on horseback to visit shamans, which [...]

Effective book marketing using Facebook, news trends and Skype

I found a really interesting article called “32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business” at WebWorker Daily. There were several reasons I liked it, but the main reason was how Facebook can be used as a highly effective business tool. Authors need to keep in mind that their books are their business [...]

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