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100 sites for fiction writers


Rather than just bookmark it for reference, I thought I’d blog about it – this is a wonderful series of sites for fiction writers posted on Ty Johnston’s blog.
If you’d like to see the list, click here.
Good job, Ty!

Authors Secret Weapon: Street Teams


#MFRWorg Authors Secret Weapon: Street Teams (via MFRW Marketing)
Author Street Teams. Likely, you’ve heard this term before. They’re popping up all over the place as authors take advantage of their most valuable resource – their readers. Readers -especially bloggers/ reviewers- are vital to a book’s success because…

Author Promo Basics: Using Twitter #authortips #MFRWorg


Author Promo Basics: Using Twitter #authortips #MFRWorg (via MFRW Marketing)
An Avatar Can Establish Brand   This post is part of a series of basic promotional tip sheets for authors. Today’s topic is using Twitter. Why join Twitter? The site can increase awareness of your author brand, and help you sell books. It’s also a…

How to Market Your Self-Published Book on Amazon

Wonderful webinar by the CEO of Outskirts Press…

How to Market Your Self-Published Book on Amazon – More bloopers are a click away

And Yet Another Self-publishing eBook Success Story…

British writer Louise Voss had a hard time selling her novel Catch Your Death to literary agents, so she decided to self publish her book in the Kindle UK Store. Hoping to attract readers to an unknown author, Voss priced the eBook at the low price of £0.95. The low price helped [...]

MindStir Media J.J. Hebert believes authors need to treat writing as a business


The publishing winds have changed direction and with that a new attitude among authors.  Those who have been in the business long enough know the tricks.  If you don’t treat your books as a business, you’ll never succeed.
MindStir Media J.J. Hebert interviewed at Virginia Beach Publishing Examiner today.  Read full article here.

How to Promote Your Books with Virtual Book Tours

Check this out, you book promotion maniacs…how well are you using your key search words for people to find out about your book?  If you’ve been using them efficiently, you could make a really neat video for YouTube using the Google Search Stories Video Creator.  It’s loads of fun!  Here is one I made for [...]

Have retailers made it too easy to buy online thus creating Borders’ downfall?


I’m sure everyone by now has heard about the Borders chain going bankrupt and they decided to close quite a few stores across the country. I’ve never actually walked into a Borders store, usually making the local Barnes & Noble my point of destination. Perhaps if a Borders had been built near us [...] newspapers?


I’m not sure how many of you know about this but you can create your own daily papers.  What this is is a place that grabs what others tweet on your twitter account.  It’s really fun.  My paper is  I would love it if you all would subscribe!

What Books Were Bestsellers on Your Birthday?


What books were bestsellers on your birthday?  BibliOZ, the book search wizard, can tell you!
Click here.
Just put in the day, month and year you were born and it spits out all the books that were bestsellers on the very day you were born.  Fun!

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