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Today’s guest is Davin Whitehurst, author of the children’s book, I Have Faith. Davin lives in the beautiful high desert of Southern Arizona with his wife and son. He is releasing his first book “I have Faith” in May of 2016 but has so many more that are in the making. The motivation behind the books are deeply rooted from in his own past. He is a living testimony of Proverbs 22:6. Growing up in Southwest Kansas and in a Christian household, he was trained up in the way he should go. By the time he became a teenager, Davin turned away from God and left church. Fast forward into his late twenties and God brought him back with a powerful calling. He and his family have been faithfully serving at Seed of Abraham Christian Center International for over seven years now. Proof that when we teach our children the way they should go. When they get older, they know where to turn and will not depart from God. Davin wants each book written to be a resource that parents have to help train their children in the way they should go. He writes stories in a simple way that will be fun and practical for every child. He wants children to get excited about faith and the things of God.

His latest book asks the question, “Are you ready to get your child excited about faith?”  I Have Faith puts your child right in the footsteps of Danny as he begins to learn about faith. Danny and his older brother have been wanting a dog, but both know their parents don’t think they are ready for a dog. When Danny’s mom begins teaching him what the bible says about faith, he puts his faith into action. After praying and releasing his faith for a dog, doubt and even his best friend keep telling him that he will never get a dog. Over time Danny never loses his faith in the promises of God and finds that God is faithful and that faith works. Come along on this journey that is a real life event that took place in the author’s life as a child.

This book has great illustrations that support a wonderful story about finding faith in God. As you are teaching your child about principals in the bible; this book will help you teach faith. What a wonderful experience it is when we can see our children begin to develop their faith in God, and grow from a tiny mustard seed to a firmly planted tree. The back of the book has a parent/child discussion which will help children gain understanding in faith and some scriptures that Danny’s mom used to get him excited about faith.

Can you tell us about your publishing experience?

Davin Whitehurst: I am a self published author that has just released my first book “I Have Faith”. So I have very limited experience thus far but have learned so much in this past year getting my book published and released. I looked at trying to go the traditional route and also looked at vanity press or subsidy publishers, but that just did not fit the level of excellence I was going for. So what I did was start my own publishing company. For me, that means I am still a self published author but with the amount of books I am writing, it establishes a brand and eventually will allow me to add some other authors to the company.

After it was all said and done, what can you tell us that surprised you the most about getting your book published?

D.W.: Since I am a business man and have over fifteen years in the entertainment/music industry. I thought getting my book published was going to be a struggle and a lot of work. With a lot of patience and years of studying the publishing world; I was able to get the company and my first book going with a small amount of money which is allowing me to add it all to the marketing budget.

What’s the most helpful piece of advice others have given you regarding getting your book published?

D.W.: Don’t give up. You have to establish yourself and keep moving forward. I think with my confidence in God and His calling on my life to write books; along with words of wisdom from other authors, I can stay grounded knowing that it takes time to establish a brand. Just don’t get frustrated or discouraged.

What can you tell aspiring authors on their quest to be published?  Any advice for them?

D.W.: Don’t be afraid, listen to your heart, seek God on your next step because he will show you the way, develop your craft, continue to get better and network with people who have been where you want to go. Last off, be patient and let your book come together without rushing it. It may seem like it takes a lot of time but the wait is well worth it.

What’s next for you and where can we find you on the web?

D.W.: Well, my next book is in the first stages of illustrations and we are pulling the concept together. It is another children’s book that comes from Genesis chapter one teaching children about creation. I have a hand full of ideas that we are getting together so you should start seeing more and more books coming out by Childlike Faith Publishing. Thank you for the interview.

My author page is at and you can reach me from there.

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