Shining the Book Promotion Spotlight on ‘Ashes Ashes the Twins Fall Down’ Pauline Hawkins

Pauline L. Hawkins was born in Munson Army Hospital at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on Easter Sunday. Pauline has been in the health insurance industry for almost thirty years, working her way up from the mailroom to corporate management and claims payment. In 2002, Pauline received her Instructional Design certification, which allows her to create instructor-led and learner-paced training curricula, along with computer-based learning activities and website creation. Pauline has enjoyed writing since she was in high school, and has decided to start sharing her stories. Ashes Ashes the Twins Fall Down is her debut book.

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Welcome to Book Marketing Buzz, Pauline.  Can we begin by having you tell us a little about your book?

Ashes Ashes The Twins Fall Down is a look at the events of 9/11 from both a personal perspective and an informational perspective. I’ve shared my experience of 9/11, it’s repercussions on my family, my job and how I viewed the world. The book is a story of coping with the news, reframing how I thought about America and the world, and making a conscious decision to become better-informed. I’ve tried to provide a thought-provoking context for the events of 9/11, personal stories, and hard core facts that not everyone may be aware of.

What is the first thing you did to promote your book once your publisher accepted your manuscript?

The first thing I did was hire a personal marketing assistant.

After that, what happened?

I starting soliciting different sources for reviews of my book and contacted a few individuals to see about setting up a virtual book tour. At this time I have two virtual book tours scheduled for September. One is a two week virtual book tour for the first two weeks of September and the other is a month long virtual book tour scheduled for the month of September.

What did your publisher do to promote your book?

My publisher sent out a press release to several different outlets and developed an audio book excerpt and a book video for YouTube.

What’s your opinion on blogging?  Do you see that it is helping sell your book or is it not making much difference in terms of sales?

So far in terms of book sales I don’t think it’s doing much but this is my first book and I’ve only been blogging for about a month so it may be too early to tell how much of a difference it is actually making.

I understand using the social networks to promote your books is also an effective marketing tool.  Do you find it is or isn’t?

Again, I’ve only had my Facebook author page and my Twitter author page for about a month. I have 43 Facebook likes and over 30 Twitter followers but I really haven’t seen a difference in book sales.

Besides blogging and using the social networks to promote your books, what other ways are you promoting your book?

As I mentioned earlier I have two virtual book tours scheduled but I also have two different interviews schedule in September. One of the interviews is with The Authors Show and the other is on A Book and a Chat.

If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that you’ve used to promote your book, which would you say has been the most effective?

Well it’s really too early to tell but I think the most effective marketing tool may be setting up a virtual book tour.

What are your experiences with offline promotions such as booksignings?

My marketing assistant has been trying to set up a few booksignings but so far she has not been successful. I’m hoping that this will change but it seems to be much more difficult to obtain booksignings.

Thank you for this interview, Pauline!  We wish you much success!

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