Tired of people who follow you just to get you to follow them back then they unfollow you?

Tired of the scumbugs who follow you at Twitter mainly to get you to follow them, then they unfollow you?  Doesn’t that want you to seek revenge?  Well, nothing too much you can do about it but there a way you can be notified when someone unfollows you so that you can go over and unfollow them right back.  It’s called Qwitter.  All you have to do is sign up for this and you’ll get updates in your email of those who have unfollowed you.  Granted maybe they don’t like your tweets, but more twitter users follow you to get more followers than you can believe.  I signed up and about 20 had unfollowed me but what I did was click through to see if I had followed them, then guess what.  Yep.  Gone with the cyber wind.

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