Book Marketing Buzz’s Sunday Tweet Roundup: Snooki, ebook sales and Facebook sponsored stories

We’ve gathered the most interesting tweets recently related to book publishing, marketing and everything in between that will help you learn more about what’s going on in the land of books.  This will be an ongoing feature at Book Marketing Buzz posted every Sunday:

Snooki ‘A Shore Thing’ not selling: maybe she needs a different approach?

SEO Is a Writer’s Profession Now | Search Engine Journal

Amazon’s ebook sales eclipse paperbacks for the first time

Facebook Sponsored Stories turn you into the ad

How Videos Go Viral


Interview with Book Publicist Charlie Barrett

Virtual Book Tours: A New Trend in Publishing

Collected John Lennon letters to be published

For Publishers, Who Are the Gatekeepers of Social Media?

Twitter Hits Nearly 200 Million Accounts

How To Make A Million Dollars From Writing eBooks : I Sold 44,334 Kindle Books In December

Why Online Retailers Will Squeeze Out Publishers In The Book Business

Why do ebooks cost so much?

First Amazon Took Down Booksellers…Are Publishers Next?

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