Book Promotion & Publicity Tips: How to Promote Your Books with Tom Graneau

Book Promotion & Publicity Tips: How to Promote Your Books with Tom Graneau

Book Marketing Buzz: Book Promotion & Publicity Tips: How to Promote Your Books is a continuing series to help authors learn how to promote their books. If you would like to be a guest blogger for our book promotion and publicity series, click here.

Today’s guest blogger is Tom Graneau, author of Renters Win, Homeowners Lose.


My Book Promotion Approach

by Tom Graneau

It is often said that writing a book is easy; publishing it is hard. This statement is partially true since the writing process itself is not that easy. Putting Renters Win, Home Owners Lose together wasn’t easy, but neither was it more difficult than other books. However, now that the project is completed, getting the information to the public posses its own challenges.

The target market for the book is wide. Essentially, all adults (ages 18 through 60 years old) who are currently renting or buying a home would benefit from the information. My goal is to reach as many of them as possible through a low-budget, systematic plan. Some of the mediums through which this will be possible are listed below:

1. Partnership: My goal is to form alliances with companies who believe in the spirit or philosophy of the book This approach requires a personal phone call to the marketing director or manager, followed by a presentation that offers mutual benefits: financial incentives, additional exposure, etc. Those who agree to go along with the program simply promote the book to people in their organizations via normal, existing channels such as e-mail campaigns, newsletters, websites, and so fourth.

2. Radio Interviews: With the right message, radio interviews can be an effective way to promote books. In thirty minutes or less, authors get the opportunity to speak their message to thousands of people, all at once. I intend to utilize more radio interviews in months ahead.

3. Publicity: Publicity is the next best effective method of promoting books. I plan to experiment with various press releases at regular intervals, hoping to obtain free national press coverage through print and broadcast media.

4. Social Media: This medium has worked well for some authors. Facebook, Twitter, and others have helped them spread their message to the public. I’m just now beginning to understand their influence and plan to utilize them in the future.

5. Book Reviews: Knowing how others feel about my book is important in the on-going effort of promoting it. Independent reviews are known to facilitate book sales. I’m continually seeking ways to get additional book reviews.

6. E-mail Marketing Campaigns: Opt-in e-mail marketing is often a good way of reaching the public. The results are more effective when the list belongs to the author. I will continue to experiment with this method.

The preceding list is, obviously, just a few channels through which books can be promoted. Some are more effective than others. Authors need to stay creative as they seek new ways to get their message out to the public. Odd is good, and thinking outside the box could be creatively rewarding.

Tom Graneau is a personal financial management coach and author of a new book, Renters Win, Home Owners Lose: Revealing the Biggest Scam in America. If you are tired of the bondage of debt and want REAL answers to personal freedom and financial independence, start turning things around with a no-nonsense approach to your housing option. You can visit Tom’s website at

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