Amazon says ebook sales to overtake paperbacks by next year

Amazon has told Pocket-lint that it expects Kindle ebook sales to eclipse paperback sales by the end of 2011, and to eclipse combined hardback and paperback sales shortly after that in the US.

“I think we [Amazon] will sell more Kindle books than paperback books in the next year [2011]“, Steve Kessel, the man tasked with making the Kindle the number one ebook reader in the world, told Pocket-lint in an exclusive one-to-one briefing.

“Sometime after that we will start selling more Kindle books than hard covers and paperbacks combined”.

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For readers who love their e-readers, this is exciting news but for authors, it gets even better.  Now this gives the author another way to sell their books and they’re raking in the dollars in ebook sales because of it.

And not only that, it also opens up the opportunity to become bestsellers.  Not too long after Vincent Zandri’s new book, The Remains, went up on  Amazon in Kindle edition, it became a bestseller.

Interesting to watch what happens to other authors looking for that big break!

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