Shining the Book Promotion Spotlight on Cherie Burbach

Cherie Burbach is an author, blogger, poet, crocheter, and geek.  She loves football and is obsessed with anything having to do with the Green Bay Packers or Tudor history.

A passionate diabetes advocate, Cherie has written the book, 21 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Someone With Diabetes.

Cherie used her experience with meeting her husband online to pen At the Coffee Shop, a humorous look at the world of Internet dating. Cherie went on over 60 coffee dates in just six months. She met lots of great people and one of those turned out to be the guy she would marry just one year later. Cherie’s new dating book, Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza is available now.

She is a staff writer for b5media, and also the author of three poetry books, including A New Dish and The Difference Now.  Her latest, Father’s Eyes, has received the 2008 Editor’s Choice Award by Allbooks Review.

Readers have resonated with Cherie’s honest and inspirational ”This I Believe” essay, which is the second-most popular out of over 40,000 entries on the NPR website. For more information, please visit Cherie’s website,, her personal blogs, or follow her on Twitter:

Welcome to Book Marketing Buzz, Cherie. Can we begin by having you tell us a little about your book?

21 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Someone With Diabetes is equal parts guide and etiquette book and will help people learn what they should (and shouldn’t) say, what they ought to learn to truly be supportive, and even how they can help in the fight for a cure.

The book is short and a quick read (by design) so it’s perfect for diabetics to share with their non-diabetic friends and family.

What is the first thing you did to promote your book?

I first send it out for reviews. Reviews always help sell a book, and plus they also provide some background for others who might want to read it. I also talked about it on my blogs and on Facebook and Twitter.

If you had to pick just one book marketing tool that you’ve used to promote your book, which would you say has been the most effective?

Twitter has been very effective for this book. I received a lot of responses from people interested in the subject of diabetes and also in the more personal side to the disease. For any marketing tool to be successful, however, it also needs to be supported by the other marketing effects you’ll do for your book. In my case Twitter was successful because I could send them to a blog and website, and they could learn more about me and why I wrote the book on places like Facebook.

Do you do more promoting online or offline and which do you prefer?

I do much more online promotion. I do enjoy offline promotion, but online you can reach so many more people. While only certain people can attend a book signing, anyone in the world can attend a virtual tour.

Do you own a blog and how often do you update it? Did you set up your blog solely to promote your book and what is its effectiveness?

I own four blogs. My personal blog, my dating blog, a writing blog and a diabetes-related blog. Each blog serves a purpose. The dating blog contains tips about relationships, online dating, and advice. The writing blog lists daily freelance writing jobs, author interviews, and news from the publishing industry. My personal blog is a hodgepodge of my personal essays, pictures, updates on my writing, and whatever else happens to run through my head. Each blog serves a purpose and each helps promote a certain area or series of books.

Do you recommend authors getting publicists to help them promote their books? Do you have one?

I don’t have one, but they certainly can take your marketing efforts to the next level. I think many authors are learning to promote themselves today, which helps them get closer to their readers. Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, but it does have to be consistent and smart to reach the right people.

If an author prefers to do it alone rather than hire a publicist, where should they start?

Read M.J. Rose’s Buzz Your Book. It contains tons of great ideas on how to get the word out about your book.

Thank you for coming, Cherie! We wish you much success!

Thanks for having me! It’s been a pleasure!

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