Effective book marketing using Facebook, news trends and Skype

computer 2 I found a really interesting article called “32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business” at WebWorker Daily. There were several reasons I liked it, but the main reason was how Facebook can be used as a highly effective business tool. Authors need to keep in mind that their books are their business and any way we can find to promote them is all right in our books. One thing I think authors overlook (I had one of my clients clam up after I asked them their twitter and facebook urls. “I don’t know how to get one,” was the response for Facebook) and now, my author friends, you can get a vanity url which will lead everyone to your facebook page. The link is http://www.facebook.com/username/. Mine is www.facebook.com/thewriterslife if anyone wants to hook up with me or www.facebook.com/pumpupyourbook if you’d like to join our Pump Up Your Book Fan Page. I strongly recommend all writers and authors to visit Facebook (as well as Twitter) and learn how you can not only promote your books at both places but learn what networking with others is all about first hand.

email Another interesting article I found was “5 Ways Companies Used News Trends for Business Success” at Mashable. What it is basically telling you is to make your promotions more news worthy and less promotional which we are all told to do when promoting or marketing our book. It’s useless to even waste our time with “Buy Me!” antics, but if you could somehow relate your book to news worthy items, then you just might have something there. How? Read how 5 businesses are doing it and follow suit.

SkypeAnd I believe the most interesting article was author Libba Bray’s interview with Skype where she discusses her “virtual book tour.” I know most people have read about this before now, but it bears repeating because this is a really great way to promote your book. We do something similar at Pump Up, but it’s more or less a vidlog. Vidlogs are where authors talk about their books and which are posted up at YouTube, among other video sharing websites such as Yahoo Video, Google Video, Veoh, VSocial, Blip…dozens upon dozens of places in which to do this. Readers tend to love seeing their favorite authors talk about their books as opposed to reading about them. One particular favorite vidlog we have done was with Kelly Epperson sitting on Santa’s lap with her book in her hand. Wasn’t Santa so accomodating?

That’s it for today. See you in the blogosphere!

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