Book Tour? More Like A Safari

With publisher publicity departments backing away from traditional author tours, writers are left to their own devices (and strangers’ couches). A cat peeing in an author’s bag? A writer waking up to discover that a complete stranger has left him four jars of delicious homemade preserves? Such things are not traditionally part of book promotion. But they happened to Bill Cotter and Annie La Ganga, an Austin, Texas-based couple who celebrated the simultaneous release of their debut books this fall by jumping in their car for an 8,500-mile, 27-day, do-it-yourself tour.

Read rest of article at LA Times.

Interesting article but what I would like to see the LA Times do is profile someone who had toured online and went all over the world in their pajamas in less the amount of time and saved $2500, wouldn’t you?  Where’s the phone…

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