Are You Oprah Material?

I truly believe that if someone took every author in the world and divided them into two groups, those groups would be–the dreamers and the realists, with no fine line in between.

Think of an author friend you know. You can pretty well figure out which category they would fall in. On the one side, you have those who believe that their book is so darn good, it’s right up there with Oprah’s Book Club. The other side? They’re shaking their heads and laughing at the dreamers side.

Of the two groups, I would fall into the realist group. I know that just because I believe I have the next best thing, it’s really not. To me, it’s the best book written; but of course, reality kicks in and I know I’m just one little ant in a world full of anteaters.

That doesn’t prevent me from telling the world about my next best thing book, but it does prevent me from believing it’s Oprah material. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority. The realist side has but too few members and the dreamers side? They’re starting to gain in popularity to match the population of China.

It’s okay to dream, but as a realist, I think the road to bottoming out will come all too quickly for them. As a realist, I know I just keep on keeping on, but the dreamers take things way too seriously.

It’s like American Idol. Most of them are dreamers because only one can become American Idol. There might be a realist or two in the group, but because by now they have let the title consume them to the point where they actually believe they ARE going to be the next American Idol, there’s going to be a lot of bottoming out when the winner is announced.

Oh, they’ll go on, most of them, and sing for other contests or take to the road with this musical gift because they are, after all, dreamers. The ones who don’t make it and who aren’t in the dreamers’ group, will actually fare better because they knew going in that if they make it, they make it, if they don’t, well, they go on and pursue other things such as begging for that 9-5 job they lost because they had to appear on the show in the first place.

Authors are no different. We all have dreams, and even though most authors have the same dreams–getting that NY contract or even just getting published any which way they can–some authors believe from the get go that they are Oprah material even with the odds stacked in front of them so high, they couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

Ah, such a realistic opinion on my part, but that’s the realist coming out of me.

So, what’s my point?

I was over at the Big Bad Book Blog and they have a quiz you can take to see if you are Oprah material. I bet you can guess how I scored. Not very well. But, I took it pretty well, being the realist I am. Go over there and see if you’re Oprah material and come back here and let us know how you did.

Maybe it will open up a few dreamers’ eyes perhaps?

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