Are you taking advantage of Amazon Associate Affiliate system?

How many of us are bloggers who write blog posts about books – whether it’s a review or you’re hosting an author and want to include the book cover?

Did you know that you could actually be making money off of this?

I just read an interesting article. Although it was an older article, it makes as much sense today as it did then. The article was about using Amazon affiliate buttons on every post you make to make money from your blog.

While this isn’t a new approach to making money from your blog, it is one thing I notice that is neglected from a lot of book blogs, as well as any other blogs that are talking about reading books, reviewing books or promoting books.

Before I go further, I have a confession. I have been an Amazon associate for a few years now and frankly I never saw any money to be made here. This is a personal observation and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there using it and making money. It’s really stupid of me because my business deals with books. I’ve already slapped myself so you don’t have to do it. However, the more I study this, the better the equation looks at the different ways you can get people

But…read this

Okay so it’s Problogger and he gets a million hits and while that certainly would help but it’s the point he made that really made me rethink using it again.

He said that what people did was even if they weren’t interested in buying that product, they might go browsing which they did in his experiment which led to a $500 payout for him.

Get signed up for their Amazon’s affiliate system (it’s easy peasy) and get those buttons up, especially if you’re talking about, reviewing or promoting a book.

To sign up, click here. To find the buttons, look for the tab at the top that says “Associates Central.”

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