A fresh look and new ideas for Book Marketing Buzz

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Book Marketing Buzz has a new look.  The picture on the left shows you what we used to look like in case you forgot.

I have a wonderful wonderful lady who has helped me change over from the generic wordpress template to a more professional one.  I’ve got lots of templates on my dashboard to the point that if I’m not happy with this one, one or two clicks, and I have another one.  And – I’m still finding them to load on here.  I’m a happy camper now.

But it was in the middle of our redo when I got a frantic call from her.

“I lost your archives!”

Seems that HostGator told her that wouldn’t happen and they were very, very wrong.

And of course she was very very upset.

But you know, I didn’t panic.  I immediately went to my old wordpress dashboard and there was Book Marketing Buzz right there – with archives intact.  Only the thing was, I would have to reload them.  Talk about a relief.  I don’t know who was more happy – me or her.

But I love this woman.  For a small fee, you tell her what you want and she’ll set you up on a spanking new blog with all the bells and whistles.  Leave a comment below and I’ll get up with you on who she is.

The point being – I am slowly adding the archives of the old Book Marketing Buzz to the new one so if you’re a newcomer, this isn’t all we have by far.

Now if you’re wondering why I chose to go self-hosted which would cost, I’ll tell you.

Not only do you not have to depend on the generic templates they give you at Wordpress, there are plugins up the yooza that are perfect for what I want to do with this blog.  I can now add javascript, which means I can add codes to my template here that I couldn’t do on the free Wordpress template site.  I have a very cool plug-in that lets me submit my latest blog post to sites such as Yahoo Buzz, Twitter, Facebook – lots and lots of places – and I just love my new tweetmeme button which makes it so easy to announce my latest blog post at Twitter.

I still have so much more to add and between my work with Pump Up Your Book and getting these blogs in shape, it’s a race to the finish line, but stick around, I have new ideas coming up!

Book Marketing Buzz

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