How far will PR go and can a 104-year-old woman tweet?

Ivy teaching Agent Dix about Twitter! on Twitpic Interesting article in TechCrunch this morning. Seems they had run a story about a 104-year-old woman who had signed up for Twitter (supposedly the oldest woman to sign up for this wonderful microblogging platform), but the thing is, it ended up being a PR stunt that either worked or not (depending on your take on things). TechCrunch apologized; wasn’t their fault. They were just reporting a news item and wanted to clear up the facts (thanks TechCrunch!).

But what I find interesting in all this is that Ivy is still twittering. Just four hours ago, she wrote, “hello all spending the morning reading wont be able to use lap top much today other residents are using it be in touch later.”

So is Ivy doing this or someone from The Geek Squad who supposedly put her up to it in the first place? Who knows, but I followed her. It would be interesting to see how far this takes us, you think?

But is there a fine line between getting that story and maintaining integrity while doing so? Do you think IvyBean 104 was being taken advantage of and has no idea what’s going on or maybe really she can Tweet?

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